You know that extra touch you were looking to add to your home, wedding, or possibly even bathroom decor? Well, you've come to the right place if you're looking to add an authentic, rustic, handmade touch to any one of these things. Hand-lettered wood signs are not only unique, but they also make great sentimental gifts for friends and loved ones.


I've always had a fascination for wood, growing up with my Papa creating miscellaneous wood furniture, so when I dove into the wood-sign-making industry it was a match made in heaven. Each sign is created with care and specially chosen by me. I only get wood that has the most beautiful and always imperfect grain, because that's what gives the signs their charm. I cut each board down myself (and sometimes with the assistance of my husband or dad, thanks dad!) and stain each board myself. Each sign is unique and the lettering is never exactly the same. It takes time to design each sign, which makes for a thoughtful beautiful end result.


Because of this, signs are an investment and start at $30 minimum. We offer custom signs in a variety of sizes. Such as, 10inx24in, 5.5inx24in, and more. If you have a different size in mind, we'd be happy to work with you on making your vision come true. Naturally, the larger the sign, the more the investment. This goes for the amount of wording on signs as well. When wording is more than 1-6 words, there may be an additional charge as it takes more work.


I whole-heartedly enjoy working with wood and bringing out the natural beauty of it when making it into a sign. I hope to attribute future profits from making hand-lettered signs to donating to organizations that plant new trees. I've always been obsessed with trees and being as they are my main material for these signs, I'd love to return some of the benefit back to them and the environment. If this sounds like something you're interested in helping me achieve, simply click below to fill out our Wood Sign Design Questionnaire so we can begin working on your very own custom hand-lettered wood sign. Keep in mind, this process can range between 3-4 weeks upon filling out this form and depending on the delivery location, timeline can vary.

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