Logos are more than just a pretty stamp for your brand. They tell your brand's story visually. They are also often the first impression clients will see and when they're done well, it can turn some heads and get you more clients. A logo is about showing your brand visually in a way that breaks down your brand into simple visual elements that attract your target audience to what you have to offer.


Because of this, logos are an investment. We offer a custom logo and an abbreviate (or secondary) logo in our standard package. For a custom logo design, pricing ranges around $200, which includes a finalized main logo, as well as an abbreviate (or secondary) logo design in PNG, JPEG, and PDF form. If you're interested in having your custom logo also be a watermark (as shown above on the left half of the image), there is an additional charge. A watermark version of your logo is great for placing over your photos, if you're a photographer especially, but it can be just as useful to you if you are in a different industry.


If you're passionate about what you do and the customers you serve, I encourage you to take the next leap further and invest in a well-defined logo that encompasses your brand as a whole. I love working with entrepreneurs and businesses who love to serve and go above and beyond. I would love to make your logo be a good representation of how much you put into your business and be a beacon for future clients to know who you are and how you can serve them.

I specialize in figuring out how to visually convey what makes your business unique to you. I translate that idea into a visual element in your custom logo. I thrive on making your logo more than aesthetically pleasing, but conceptually pleasing. Every element incorporated in your logo has a meaning behind it relating to you and your business and is not just for looks. If this sounds like something you've been looking for in a custom logo, simply click below to fill out our Logo Design Questionnaire. Keep in mind, this process can  range between 4-5 weeks upon filling out this form.

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Complete Logo Design Questionnaire ☺

This helps me to get a sense of your design style and interests. I will email you within 24-48 business hours of receiving your questionnaire to discuss any questions either of us might have.


Making it Official + Moodboard

I will email you a design contract with price and general info. After reviewing your contract, you will make your deposit and the fun begins! I will create a moodboard that pulls inspiration from images that represent the feel and aesthetic of your logo. We will schedule a 15 minute phone consultation OR a coffee/cocoa consultation to go over the moodboard and you'll tell me all about what you do and don't like about it.


Initial Concepts

I will create initial logo concepts for you. These will be rough sketches, typically done in pencil or pen and there will be at least 3 concepts for you to choose from. These will be sent to you in 3-5 business days after we go over the moodboard together. After you decide which one you would like to move forward with, we will move onto the final proofs.


Review Proofs

Next, the fun part! I will create proofs of the initial concepts you decided to move forward with. Proofs will be sent to you 5-8 business days after reviewing your feedback on the initial concepts. These will be what your final logo could look like! This is your chance to review the proofs and provide any revisions. You are alotted three free revisions to your designs, in order to keep the process timely!


Your logo is ready for use!

Hooray! Your designs are complete and the digital files will be sent to you! Your final balance is due before final files are sent. You can expect final files to be ready to be sent to you within 3 business days after you have finished providing any revisions to the proofs.

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