color me chi o 2015

Chi Omega's philanthropy is Make-A-Wish and every year we raise money through a 5K Color Fun Run. For our third annual color fun run, I served as Philanthropy Marketing Chair, in charge of branding the run. My goals for the brand were to capture the essence of Make-A-Wish and integrate it with color to signify our color fun run. I used water color to create the vibrant colors, hand lettering, and vector work to complete the branding. To create collateral that would be eye-catching and encourage people to attend the race, I made my design unique and bold. I was in charge of distributing the posters around town and displaying them at Oregon State University’s dining centers as table tents for additional advertisements. I created business cards to hand people who walked by our booth at the dining center with information about our run. I updated our website for the run to ensure readability and make a cohesive brand identity for the run.

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