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Hi there! I'm Kailynn Hollinger and I laugh a lot. I'm a watercolor artist, handletterer of wood signs, logo designer, and stationery designer based in Warren, Oregon.

Sitting behind a cracked door at a young age, I drew for the very first time—two red lines looped down together to meet at the bottom—a heart. I have always had a strong love for creativity and am endlessly inspired by nature and my family. Growing up, I became familiar with the beauty of painting through my mom's own creative endeavors and my Papa Bob got me hooked on the natural wonders and possibilities one can make with wood. Being exposed to my family's creative projects from a young age fostered a love for creativity that runs through my veins to this day.


I'm an Oregon State University graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Visual Arts aspiring to utilize my passion for art in a way that helps others. Along with this, I'm a self-taught watercolor artist, calligrapher, and hand-letterer married to a man named Nickolas who has accepted all my crazy and creative endeavors and never fails to make me giddy.


I have always had a passion for creating and would like to transfer that into a career that inspires children and adolescents to strive for their dreams. I enjoy challenging myself by experimenting with different mediums & techniques. I can never learn enough and look forward to continuing growing in my expertise and skill.

Let's Collaborate!

I love collaborating with other creatives! If you're another creative looking to take part in a styled-shoot, I'd be happy to participate! Feel free to shoot me an email so we can discuss details together and I can be sure to save the date.


I'm happy to provide stationery goods, wood signage, calligraphy place settings, and whatever else we come up with that matches the theme of the shoot.


Illustration, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop,

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Photography by Shannon Hager



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Photography by Shannon Hager

Photography by Shannon Hager

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